College and Career Readiness


Do you know what you want to do when you graduate? If college is part of your future plans do you know what college major you want to pursue ?

As a student of Des Moines Public Schools you will be filling out three surveys on Kuder Navigator. These surveys explore your:

1. Interests

2. Skills

3. Values

The results of these surveys will put together career ideas that would be a good fit for you based on what you are good at doing, what you enjoy, and what you value in your life. You can use this College and Career Readiness website to explore more detailed information such as:

1. How much schooling will a job require?
2. How much will the job pay?
3. What is the projected outlook of this job? Is it a high demand area?

Click the link below for directions on how to log in to this website. Even if you already know your future career you will want to take these assessments to make sure the results match your career plans… you may be surprised.

Have fun exploring! If you have any questions please see your counselor.

Mr. Dean, A-He, Sg-Z

Ms. Levang, Hf-Sf

Ms. Stribling, A-Z virtual

Kuder College and Career Readiness

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