Three Things You Need to Know About Your Yearbook

Three Things You Need to Know About Your Yearbook

  1. Senior Photos Due March 29th:Seniors can submit a photo to replace their school photo. All senior photos submitted to the Hoover yearbook must be a headshot/upper body (no selfies) and full color with no props. The photos should be submitted as a high resolution photo (300 DPI) photo to

A list of photos received will be posted outside the main office and RM 2065 in April to confirm receipt. It is every student’s responsibility to check the list to ensure photo is included.


  1. Parents and guardians can purchase a senior/baby ad to recognize their senior student. These ads are available for $35. Parents and guardians can include up to three photos and a short message. The ad must be purchased and designed online at by May 3rd.


  1. Buy a Yearbook! The Husky Yearbook can be purchased for $65 until April 1st. Hoover High School offers a full color, 160+ page yearbook created by students to document the school year. It includes school and team portraits plus various photos and stories telling the story of the school year.

Limited qualities of the yearbook may be available after April 1, but you should purchase by April 1st to guarantee a copy. Yearbooks can be purchased through the bookkeeper, Infinite Campus or at and select Hoover High School ID number 2887.


If you have any questions, please reach out to yearbook adviser Sarah Hamilton at

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