Brother 2 Brother

Contact: Michael.

Des Moines Public Schools has recognized the need to mentor the minority males of our school system through leadership, mentoring, advocacy and action. Brother 2 Brother was established in 2009 to address educational barriers for male students of color and works to empower these students to set higher standards of achievement while fostering a spirit of care. The program focuses on academic achievement, personal development, professional growth and service learning, operating with the following mission in mind:


The Brother 2 Brother Mission is to increase the number of African American, Asian, Latino, and all males getting through middle school and graduating both high school and college to move on and positively impact their greater communities.


The B2B End of the Year event is the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work and dedication of the young men as they have participated in events including: weekly meetings, study tables, formal dress up days, monthly meetings at and college visits to Drake University,  fundraising, Youth Leadership Conferences at the University of Northern Iowa, attending Iowa’s I’ll Make Me a World Education Day, community service events, daily bonding with their respective advisors, and school pride as their respective schools The young men have shown exceptional dedication and growth as members of Brother 2 Brother DMPS.