COVID Pre-Activity Screening APP

This season we are using Varsity Bound for COVID Pre-Activity Screening.  Each Hoover Athlete and Activity participant will utilize the Varsity Bound App to answer a short list of COVID screening questions prior to attending their activity each day. The daily reminder messages that will be sent will come directly to you in the Varsity Bound app and via email. In addition to team communication, the Varsity Bound app has everything you need in one place. You’ll find our roster, schedule, scores, stats, and game previews.

To sign up for team communication’s click the link that applies to you below, and then log in using your Google account or enter your email address.

Directions on how to sign up 

How Parents/Athletes accept the Notify invite 


Boys Sports:


Football Athlete Invite Link


Boys Basketball Athlete Invite Link


Boys Golf Athlete Invite Link


Boys Baseball Athetle Link


Boys Soccer Athlete Link


Boys Tennis Athlete Link


Boys Swimming Athlete Link


Boys Track  Athlete Invite Link


Boys Wrestling Athlete Invite Link


Boys Bowling Athlete link


Boys Cross Country Link


Girls Sports: 


Girls Volleyball Athlete Invite Link


Girls Bowling Athlete Link


Girls Basketball Athlete Invite Link


Girls Cheer Athlete Link


Girls Cross Country Athlete Link


Girls Dance Athlete Link


Girls Golf Athlete Invite Link


Girls Soccer Athlete Link


Girls Softball Athlete Invite Link


Girls Tennis Athlete Link


Girls Track Athlete Invite Link

Girls Swimming Athlete Invite Link