COVID-19 has caused us to have to make adjustments to stadium capacities to accommodate social distancing guidelines.


● All spectators are required to wear a protective face covering for admission and
throughout the duration of the contest.
● Visiting spectators will be limited to a minimum of 160 tickets. The CIML has varying
sizes of bleachers on the visitors side of the field.
● Hoover will allow (2 tickets) for each participant for Football, Cheer, Marching Band to attend a home football contest. Additional tickets can be requested for special circumstances like Senior Night, etc.

Each Football Event participant will be given two tickets to give to a family member or guardian. Tickets can not be shared with other Hoover students unless approved the Activities Office.

If you do not have a student who is an activity participant for our football event and would like to inquire about the purchase of a ticket, please contact  (Tickets are very limited)


Volleyball – all levels (Varsity, JV)

● All spectators are required to wear a protective face covering for admission and throughout the
duration of the contest.
● Roster limits (players and coaches):
○ Varsity – 18
○ JV – 14
● Schools will distribute two (2) tickets per player in uniform and two per coach at each level to be
used at that level throughout the season. This ticket will allow the ticket holder to pay admission
or use a school specific pass to gain entrance for the contest. The ticket only allows an individual
to purchase admission and has no cash value and may only be used at the venue and event
listed (i.e. varsity volleyball tickets may only be used at the varsity contest).
● The host school will be responsible for developing the admission ticket for each
volleyball match and will communicate the distribution or purchase to the opponent’s
activities office.
● New start times and time limits were established for each level:
○ 6 :00pm JV; 45-minute time limit
○ 7:30 p.m.: Varsity; no time limit
● It is a recommendation for teams and spectators to leave the gym area at the end of
each match, if possible. Transportation may be a factor. If so, teams are encouraged to
sit together in one area keeping social distancing.

Girls’ Swimming – all levels (Varsity, JV, diving competitions)
● Because of limited space and seating at the Hoover swimming pool, there will be no
Home or Visiting spectators allowed this year. Space will be reserved for the swim teams coaches
and meet workers. We will attempt to stream the swim meets online.

G/B Cross Country and Boys Golf all levels (Varsity, JV)
● Team competition and roster limits will be left up to the host school.
● A protective face coverings are required when spectators are unable to socially distance
themselves from others.