Staff Professional Development

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

The Equity Team of Hoover has teamed up with the Equity Team of Meredith to present  a full day of  professional development focusing on equity. There will be two impressive and thought provoking key note speakers as well as several breakout session facilitators.   The topics range from history of oppression in America to creating a more inclusive environment in our classrooms.

To focus our reflection throughout the day, the Equity Team has  chosen to use the global context Personal and Cultural Expression, specifically focusing on the construction of reality and how our systems are interconnected with the beliefs and values of our society.

This day will impact our school conditions as well as instruction.  All support staff, office staff, counselors, teachers, associates, administration, community and family liaisons have been  encouraged to participate, to be open minded, to be risk takers,  to learn and grow.


 Hoover-Meredith Equity Team